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Monday, December 16, 2013

More Visual and Attractive Emails Molto

Today, mobile devices have become one of the main accesses to personal email or work and its use must be simple, fast and above all practical.

It arrives in its beta phase, Molto, an application with a very interesting user interface that allows you to access your inbox and perform other related functions on your mobile device.

Molto is executed in its highly acceptable design, as its name says (molto = much in Italian), Molto covers everything from a single view. You can access your email, the functions of your mobile device and personalize your Inbox. With Molto reading an email is no longer the same.

Nice design of a functional form, Molto creates one of the best experiences of using email-oriented productivity.

Features Molto

1.       It lets you view content from your prior emails without opening them. For you to read anytime.

2.       Improved design of interface for phones and tablets.

3.       You can use the full screen to view messages.

4.       You can place a photo in your inbox. So do you customize and more colorful (photos can be learned from your mobile device or Facebook), you choose as your inbox will look.

5.       You can configure more than one email account for access from a single inbox.

6.       For now it only supports some email accounts. Excludes Hotmail.

With Molto will change the face of your email, reading e-mails have never been so easy and fun. It is a completely free application, and is compatible with all mobile devices Android 4.0.3 and higher.

Evomail, a More Modern Email, Comes To Android

After a stint in the world of iOS, Android arrives in the mail manager Evomail, which bases its role in the gestures and think in both tablet users due inter alia to their abilities.

The application started as a simple alternative to the Postmaster of Android. But little by little it was updating and getting to have push notifications, or snoozing multi-accounting function. Of course, now not only works with Gmail accounts but with iCloud, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, IMAP email and some other more. The bad news is that no use Hotmail or Outlook, not giving support for Exchange and POP3.

As you can see, it has become a serious alternative to mail manager serial or most popular. However on Android there is still a problem to be corrected. And is that the version that has come very close to hardly considered beta. How good? Those developers, if they continue as before, updated very quickly and constant application.

If you like gestures such as the BlackBerry 10 may this be your best choice as Postmaster. Evomail is a free application compatible with Android 4.0 or higher devices.

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